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Upgrading to Mandriva 2006 Limited Edition

I got Mandriva 2006 Limited Edition free with a magazine (available at WHSmith for £9.99 with a fabulous big Tux poster!!) and now I want to know what kind of effort might be involved to upgrade from Mandrake Community Edition 10.1. Will it remember all my settings, will it overwrite or delete programs? When I first started with Mandrake it was quite a hassle to get everything working the way I wanted it, and I don't know whether I'm likely to have to go through all of that again ... does anyone have any experience?

The magazine is great for instructions on installing from scratch, but it has no information about upgrading. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially an estimate of how long it might take. I generally use software that comes packaged with Mandrake ..., GnuCash, KWrite, KBear. I also needed to get Apache and PHP working, and recently I've installed Ruby and Rails. What's likely to continue to work after upgrading? Will desktop settings and file associations be remembered?

Many thanks in advance ...
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