Brenda (antikythera) wrote in mandrake_users,

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Linux n00b here!

Hallo. Long story short: my hard drive died and I didn't have any Windows discs because it was a used machine when I got it. I blew all my money on the new hard drive, so yay for free operating systems! I have a little bit of experience with UNIX (Solaris) and I thought maybe it wouldn't be too hard to switch over to Linux on my personal computer.

I've had several distributions recommended to me as a Linux virgin, and I'm weighing the pros and cons. A friend of a friend has the free download version of Mandriva on CDs and has offered to lend it to me.

My big question at this point is: has anyone here installed Mandriva from a USB CD-ROM drive? I've got a laptop and no internal drive.
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