Yr Ellyll (ellyll) wrote in mandrake_users,
Yr Ellyll

Mandriva 2006 Security Warning

I thought I'd better mention this problem I found for Mandriva 2006 users since it involves security. It seems that for some installs (like mine) the msec security package that checks the security of files daily doesn't get configured properly (this package gets installed by default).

The script /usr/share/msec/security.sh (linked to from /etc/cron.daily/msec) expects there to be a file /var/lib/msec/security.conf, but this file has been moved to /etc/security/msec/security.conf.

This is easy enough to fix by just doing this as root:
ln -s /etc/security/msec/security.conf /var/lib/msec/security.conf

It also seems that it wouldn't initially do the virus checking either, I just went to KlamAV as a normal user in KDE and updated the virus database and it worked afterwards.

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