aimee (sermoa) wrote in mandrake_users,

WINE advice?

I'm using Mandrake 10.1 Community Edition.

I've tried installing WINE, as rpms, I've tried wine-20050930-mdk.i586.rpm and wine-20050830-mdk.i586.rpm but they both have the same problem ...

I get in my Applications Menu, under More Applications -> Emulators -> Wine ... and then a bunch of applications such as Control Panel, File Manager, Notepad ... but when I click on them I get (eg) 'Starting Control Panel' with a turning hour-glass in my taskbar for about a minute, and then nothing.

I also wanted to install a cross-stitch program, and I can only find them for Windows, which is why I'm investigating this. But what would I have to do to install something with WINE, supposing I could get WINE working in the first place?

Thanks for any advice you can offer! :D
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