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I thought you guys might want to know about a graphics program, based on The GIMP, that is free and emulates the look of Photoshop.

It's called GIMPshop, and can be found over at www.GIMPshop.com. It's a free download, and does most everything that Photoshop and the other big guys does, but just costs infinitely less (as in: nothing!).

I've been using it for a while now to make icons and other small pictures, and thus far it's worked out well for me. Lemme know how you all like it.
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Screen orientation

Does anyone know how, in Mandriva, you get the screen orientation options active?

I go into configure display, Size & Orientation, and the only orientation option is 'Normal'. I would quite like to use 'Left (90 degrees)' but it is greyed out. Is it a case of having the right driver for the monitor? I've tried setting Mandriva to use a number of different monitor types, but always the Orientation options are greyed out.
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MySQL problems

Since upgrading to Mandriva 2006, MySQL doesn't seem to be behaving itself. When I first start the computer and try to connect I get Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2). I manage to get around that by doing service mysqld restart. That's a little bit tedious, but I can cope with it. It says Stopping MySQL: [Failed] and then Starting MySQL: [OK] so that's good enough.

The real interesting one is this allows me to connect from command line, and through my PHP web applications. But when I try through Ruby on Rails I get (for example) Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tasks. The database is not corrupt and I can run that through mysql command line with no problems.

Any ideas?
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Upgrading to Mandriva 2006 Limited Edition

I got Mandriva 2006 Limited Edition free with a magazine (available at WHSmith for £9.99 with a fabulous big Tux poster!!) and now I want to know what kind of effort might be involved to upgrade from Mandrake Community Edition 10.1. Will it remember all my settings, will it overwrite or delete programs? When I first started with Mandrake it was quite a hassle to get everything working the way I wanted it, and I don't know whether I'm likely to have to go through all of that again ... does anyone have any experience?

The magazine is great for instructions on installing from scratch, but it has no information about upgrading. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially an estimate of how long it might take. I generally use software that comes packaged with Mandrake ... OpenOffice.org, GnuCash, KWrite, KBear. I also needed to get Apache and PHP working, and recently I've installed Ruby and Rails. What's likely to continue to work after upgrading? Will desktop settings and file associations be remembered?

Many thanks in advance ...
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Linux n00b here!

Hallo. Long story short: my hard drive died and I didn't have any Windows discs because it was a used machine when I got it. I blew all my money on the new hard drive, so yay for free operating systems! I have a little bit of experience with UNIX (Solaris) and I thought maybe it wouldn't be too hard to switch over to Linux on my personal computer.

I've had several distributions recommended to me as a Linux virgin, and I'm weighing the pros and cons. A friend of a friend has the free download version of Mandriva on CDs and has offered to lend it to me.

My big question at this point is: has anyone here installed Mandriva from a USB CD-ROM drive? I've got a laptop and no internal drive.
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Mandriva 2006 Security Warning

I thought I'd better mention this problem I found for Mandriva 2006 users since it involves security. It seems that for some installs (like mine) the msec security package that checks the security of files daily doesn't get configured properly (this package gets installed by default).

The script /usr/share/msec/security.sh (linked to from /etc/cron.daily/msec) expects there to be a file /var/lib/msec/security.conf, but this file has been moved to /etc/security/msec/security.conf.

This is easy enough to fix by just doing this as root:
ln -s /etc/security/msec/security.conf /var/lib/msec/security.conf

It also seems that it wouldn't initially do the virus checking either, I just went to KlamAV as a normal user in KDE and updated the virus database and it worked afterwards.

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kde headers - wtf?

I'm a newbie here (and also a newbie to all mandrake stuff). I'm trying to install superkaramba (mandrake 10.2) and my brain stopped working about 3 hours ago when my comp said "i'm not gonna install this thing..."

my console showed me this beautiful alert:
checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix!

I've installed every single file which might have helped.... updated everything... and my comp just went "blah..."

can anyone tell me where to look for the missing files (because there is probably something missing)??
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WINE advice?

I'm using Mandrake 10.1 Community Edition.

I've tried installing WINE, as rpms, I've tried wine-20050930-mdk.i586.rpm and wine-20050830-mdk.i586.rpm but they both have the same problem ...

I get in my Applications Menu, under More Applications -> Emulators -> Wine ... and then a bunch of applications such as Control Panel, File Manager, Notepad ... but when I click on them I get (eg) 'Starting Control Panel' with a turning hour-glass in my taskbar for about a minute, and then nothing.

I also wanted to install a cross-stitch program, and I can only find them for Windows, which is why I'm investigating this. But what would I have to do to install something with WINE, supposing I could get WINE working in the first place?

Thanks for any advice you can offer! :D