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well hello ...!

I have just installed Mandrake Linux - more out of necessity than choice! I'm one of those Windows-all-my-life type people, but when a disk partitioning attempt went horribly wrong, I found that an install of Mandrake 10.1 (that I got free with a magazine last year) was the only thing that could restore my poor hard drive!

I'm determined to give this Linux thing a decent try rather than going running back to Windows ... I really like the KDE interface, and I love the idea of not using anything made my Microsoft!! Just if I can get the hang of where Mandrake puts everything ...!

Here's an important question: Before my partitioning nightmare I backed up everything I needed to a USB memory stick. How do I read from it with Mandrake?

I'd love to get the hang of OpenOffice - it can read .doc files, right? And other Microsoft Office files?

I asked for a webserver to be installed along with PHP and MySQL, as I was using these under Windows before. I've gone to http://localhost and it's running the webserver. WOOHOO!! So now, where do I put my php and html files that I want on the webserver?!

One more question: I'm interested in using GnuCash, but when I click it, all I get is Loading Modules, Loading Configs ... and then nothing! The window disappears and it's like I never opened it at all. Can anybody shed some light on this? What's happening? Is it running minimized, or is it failing somewhere?

Oh yeah, and if there's anything else I could do with knowing, please tell me! Since I don't know what I need to know, I'll appreciate all the advice I can get!!

Many thanks indeed!
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